Thursday, 24 March 2011

haha at my school have new student its girls la...
peramah ya amat huhu....
babe kesian u i tggalkn u...
smlm sorry 4 ur information i sengaje je wat dkt u mcm tu..
hihi haih bdk jhat haha..
korg nk thu bdk ni kasar gler ckp ngn org lain..
die baek 'brwtakan ksar huhu..
(sumpah)i bkn xske u..
tpppppp !!!
care u tu ksar sgt la...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


feeling sleepy huhuhu...really need some rest huhuhuhu

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Thinking further... ''marry'' & ''kids'' & ''daddy and mummy''.

she so different from the other girl..
she is sweet 'Like Candy'.
we talking about to have kids,and we want to have 2 kids.
the first child we want is a boy.
second is a girl.
and we want our name for our child 'japan name'.
we want our child call us daddy and mummy..
so sweet.

insyaallah...i will do my best to make my family and as a prove that i can do this..

P/s:' syg '...'my' love u so much.
'my' will give everything to make our family happy.
and 'my' want us always have a happy day.
even we fight or mad each other,we promise never lost each other.
'my' don't want we fight.
'my' love u
forever and ever..

sharing is carring~~

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